Access to Dinant

Dinant is located in Belgium, right at the heart of the Province of Namur, and is the gateway to the Ardennes, which are very close by. The town has the unique feature of being built alongside the river that has earned it the title of "Daughter of the Meuse". The famous rocky cliffs, at whose foot the river flows by, give the town its characteristic appearance.
Endowed with such a natural heritage, Dinant is a tourist centre and a major attraction for visitors.

Amsterdam : 280 Km
Düsseldorf : 170 Km
Maastricht : 98 Km
Köln : 155 Km
Utrecht : 250 Km
London : 310 Km
Paris : 320 Km
Strasbourg : 370 Km
Luxembourg : 130 Km
Lille : 140 Km

DINANT is remarkably well served by :


•North-South Link : E411 - Brussels/Luxembourg - Metz - Dijon - Lyon - Italy -
Spain R.N. 4 - Namur - Marche - Bastogne - Arlon
•East-West Link : R.N. 97 - Liège - Ciney - Dinant - Philippeville - Chimay - Rocroi - Charleroi - Paris


•DINANT Station is on the Inter-City network.
Dinant is located on the northern Belgium "freight" network Brussels - Namur - Dinant - Bertrix - Athus - Luxembourg


•Brussels National Airport is one hour away.
The regional airports of Liège/Bierset and Charleroi/Gosselies are an hour’s drive away.


•The port of Antwerp is one-and-three-quarters of an hour away.