Book a guided tour

The Maison du Tourisme in Dinant can organise for you and your group a guided tour on foot or by bus with an experienced guide.

The meeting point for the guided tour of the city is in Dinant the "Maison du Tourisme" and has a duration of maximum 1 hour 30.Retour ligne automatique
The other meeting points you can fix yourself.

You have the possibility between 5 languages: Dutch, English, German, French and Italian.
One guide takes maximum 30 people. If you have a larger group you can reserve several guides.

Prices for 2019 are :
- 4 euros / pers, for max. 2 hours;
- max 20 people or 80 euros;
- from 60 people: 3,50 euro / pers.

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  • Groupe de champs droite
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