The Provincial Museum of Ancient Arts - Oignies' Treasury in Namur is located in the Hôtel de Gaiffier d'Hestroy (owned by the Province of Namur). The museum keeps and displays its collection of works of art dating from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Stuccos of façades, recently restored, are classified « exceptional heritage of Wallonia ». As an institution recognized in category A - the highest distinction for the museum sector -, the museum has the ambition to constantly revive this rich cultural heritage. The displayed art collections come from the Archaeological Society of Namur which was created in 1845, from the Province of Namur and from several prestigious institutions such as the King Baudouin Foundation and the Federation Wallonia-Brussels. 38 works are classified as major pieces by the Ministry of Culture. Since September 2010, the museum welcomes the treasury of the ancient Oignies Priory, one of the seven marvels of Belgium, two stars in the Michelin guide. This exceptional ensemble, constituted by about forty pieces of 13th century silversmith's trade , is unique in the world by the magnificence of the material, the diversity of the techniques and the creativity of brother Hugo. The oldest work pieces are Mosan masterpieces (12th century): goldsmith's trade (Phylacteries, pyxides, ...), ivories, not forgetting the famous paintings on panels, the Annunciation and the Visitation of Walcourt (1390) but also the numerous sculptures among which the very beautiful Virgin and Child from Marches-les-Dames (1250). On the first floor, sculptures on wood and on stone are displayed: statues, altarpieces and fragments thereof. Chasubles and orphreys but also reliquary pouches and delicate goblets from the 16th century immortalize techniques of yesteryear. The room dedicated to the trade guilds of Namur gathers a unique group of houses medallion (pure silver and gold-gilded silver medallions), masterpieces and others works which demonstrate the organization of the trades under the Ancien Regime. On the grond floor, a room is entirely dedicated to an authentic Meuse speciality: the brassware. Several paintings of Henri Bles (second third of the 16th century) are displayed in the last room. The biblical theme is always used as an excuse for creating a landscape whose features, drawn from reality, are treated in a fanciful way. Each year, the museum organizes several temporary exhibitions related to the heritage of Namur's region but yet with an international reputation. Besides its permanent collections, the institution manages a print room and a large library, precious and contemporary, gathering some 50,000 books related to history, art history and archaeology, particularly in the province of Namur. The numismatics cabinet François Cajot, housed in the museum since 2004, gathers a rich collection of coins, art medals, signs of pilgrimages, tokens and others metallic monuments. To meet the expectations of its young audience, the institution proposes numerous educational animations. Free on the first Sunday of the month


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Every day between 10 a.m. And 6 p.m. Closed on Mondays, on December 24th,
25th and 31st and January 1st. Info Covid: on reservation


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