Traditional « Grand feu » (Bonfire) in Bouge – Namur


The « grands feux (bonfires) » is a strong tradition in our country : come in great number to burn the snowman and greet the spring, in Bouge, on 22nd February ! To know more... This first Sunday of Lent, was also called the « Brandons », or « Escouvillons », or « Feûreû » Sunday. It was the name given to the straw, whose sticks were wrapped to beat the fruit trees to give them more fertility. Don't hesitate and take part to the most important Bonfire in Belgium. You will discover a concentration of folklore and public joy in a friendly atmosphere. A firework ends this ceremony. Point de vue - rue de l'Institut-5004 Namur (Bouge)


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Traditional « Grand feu » (Bonfire) in Bouge – Namur

Rue de l'Institut
5004 Namur

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